Astrology: Your Ascendant Sign

Your Ascendant Sign: The Mask You Wear

Halloween is fast approaching, a time where we put on costumes and hide behind masks. But this sort of behavior isn’t just relegated to one night per year, we all wear a kind of Astrological mask known as our Ascendant Sign every day. This is the demeanor or persona that we initially present to the world, the cover to our book if you will. Even Bruce Wayne felt stronger in his Batman Suit.  In Astrology the Ascendant Sign is every bit as important as your Sun Sign and much more personalized. It sets the tone for your life, the sort of themes you will experience, how others will react to you, and the filter through which you approach your surroundings.

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The Sun Signs Change Every 30 Days But The Ascendant Sign Changes Every 1-2 Hours

Sun Signs change every 30 days but the Ascendant, or Rising, Sign changes every 1-2 hours and is based on what Sign was rising over the Eastern horizon when you were born. It is one of the main reasons you can have two Sun Sign Libra’s who approach life completely differently. One may have a Scorpio Ascendant and come across as dark and mysterious, while another might have an upbeat Gemini Ascendant and be seen as more playful. Once people get to know the two of them, however, they will see how fairness, harmony, and balance in relationships (Libra traits) lie at the core of both individuals.

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The Ascendant Sets Up the Astrology Houses

The Ascendant sets up what are called the Houses in Astrology. They are numbered 1-12 and correspond to one of the Signs of the Zodiac. Aries rules the 1st House, Taurus the 2nd and so on. The Ascendant is an indicator of the physical body and will always be found in the 1st House. If you are a Scorpio Ascendant the Houses all shift so that Scorpio is the first and we follow along counterclockwise so that Aries becomes the 6th House. In this way another layer of complexity is added to the natal chart and it is because of this complexity that the time of birth is so important to Astrologers. Without an accurate time of birth we lose the Houses and a big chunk of self awareness along with them.

Things can be further flavored when one or more planets is sitting along with the Ascendant in that 1st House. You could be a Scorpio Ascendant, prone to secrecy and darkness but have Uranus, the planet of truth, in your 1st House making it painful to keep what you uncover to yourself. Or maybe you are a Sagittarius Rising, who likes to be laid back and have fun, with Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline, in your 1st House adding a sense of authority and seriousness to your persona…you are serious about having a good time! 😉

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We Call The Ascendant Your Mask

We call the Ascendant your mask not because you are hiding or there is anything sinister about it, only that it serves as a sort of protective outer layer. It is still a part of who you are and not fake in any way, but very few people ever get to see what truly lies beneath. We take off the make up only for those we trust. There are those who have their Sun and or Moon in their 1st House, and with them what you see initially is what you get more or less. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and can easily be hurt because of it.

astrologerIf you’re looking for a Halloween costume idea, It might be fun to dress as the characteristics of your Ascendant Sign and see if people think you are dressing as you. 😉 If you want to know your Ascendant Sign you can visit my business website (Phoenix Rose Astrology) by clicking HERE and enter your time of birth into the calculator on my main page.

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