Bioenergetics To Help You Heal

Bioenergetics is energy work through the use of the human body-field.  The term Human Body-Field is used to describe the energy that surrounds and flows through the body. I have been study bioenergetics and am completely enthralled by how the body can begin to feel better by balancing energy.  It is an amazing process and one that I am happy to be sharing with you. 


Energy And Emotion

Emotions can either lead to stress or emotions can positively influence your health.  As an example remember a time when you were really happy.  Think of how that happiness flows through your body.  This energy flow can feel energizing or empowering.  Now think of time that you were sad or anxious.  Your body probably feels weighted down or heavy.  This is how your body reacts to positive and negative energy in the form of emotions. 

 Now think about when you feel pain either from a diagnosed condition like fibromyalgia or from an injury.  Have you noticed more pain when your mood is not so great.  There is an interconnection of emotions such as anxiety and depression with our physical health.  If you haven’t noticed this, next time pay attention and see if they parallel.

Restore Your Energy

Our body fields are our energy and this energy is a reflection of what’s happening in our body.  The human body field (the energy field) can be scanned and through this scan we identify where the energy blocks are occurring and how they are leading to physical and emotional issues.  If you deal with anxiety, depression, OCD, mood swings, pain disorders, physical diseases and disorders of any kind, your body field is distorted with blocks in the flow of energy.

After the scan identifies the areas of struggle, correcting the energy blocks can happen.  Through the use of of “infoceuticals,” the energy fields can be corrected.  There may also be additional recommendations to assist in getting the body back to a state of wellness vs. sickness.  Additional recommendations may be supplements, behavioral health therapy, nutrition coaching, and/or the Choice Point Program