Depression Through the Lens of Astrology

Through The Astrological Lens: Depression

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“I love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” ` Og Mandino.

The domain of darkness, Scorpio, is all around us this time of year. From Halloween to the seeming death of the trees, there is no doubt what season we’re in. Scorpio deals with the hidden realms, death, power, and extreme emotional states. In the spirit of this let’s discuss depression as seen through the astrological lens. You may just find the results to be empowering…

Taking Your Power Back

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There are a lot of ways depression can rear its ugly head in ones natal chart. In shining a light on them we can take away some of the power they hold over the individual. Astrology is a spectrum, there are positive and negative sides to everything, and knowing what combinations in your chart lay at the root of your troubles, we can flip the narrative to a higher vibration. The aspects don’t go away but the negative side of it, the side causing the depression, can come to be used in its more positive light.

For example, some of the more painful placements in astrology have to do with the planet Saturn. Saturn demands order, structure, maturity and discipline from us. It is a critical and harsh energy but also one that gets results, builds things that stand the test of time, and is excellent at setting boundaries and limitations when needed. If someone has Saturn conjunct their moon or sun, and is unaware, then this critical energy can easily turn inward. They are driven for success, but feel as though nothing they do is ever good enough. This saps them over time and they can give up, which causes them to then feel even worse, and the snowball continues to roll down-hill. When they do put forth effort it is often unrivaled in its efficiency and quality, but they are genuinely shocked by other people seeing their work in this way because they are convinced they could do better.  

Can you see how this might lead to depression over time? It’s an inner critic without an off switch. Now, Saturn generally does let up in our 30’s, once we mature a bit and get perspective on life. But if you know this placement and that you have these tendencies you can objectively stand back and have that inner conversation about if you are really a slacker, or if it is just your Saturn/Moon/Sun being aggravated at the moment. There can be an acknowledgment that being too hard on yourself is counterproductive, and may end up in you not getting anything done. So maybe you could lighten up on yourself, just a smidge?  

How You Give Your Power Away

Saturn related issues usually stem from the hard expectations of a parent figure. Understanding these origins can help people reorient who they’re giving authority over their feelings. Are they working for themselves or for someone else who they may never truly be able to satisfy? This knowledge starts that internal conversation and allows the person to shake off the yolk and hopefully upgrade to a modern plow.

Outside observation and acknowledgement of how hard a person works and how hard they are on themselves, can be immensely healing in and of itself. They can understand the roots of their depression and turn the hammer of Saturn into something inwardly constructive, instead of destructive. Saturn in the positive asks, who do you want to be? Ok, don’t get depressed about not being there. Let’s make it happen.

When Depression Is Just Passing Through

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Sometimes depression isn’t lifelong but something that comes on seemingly out of the blue. In this case we would look towards what the planets are up to now in their cosmic dance, and how it is affecting the individual’s natal chart. If Saturn in Sagittarius is opposing your natal sun in Gemini, as many people have been dealing with as of late, it can take the normally jovial and happy go lucky Gemini down a few pegs for a while. Saturn in transit comes in like a bulldozer and can lay waste to whole sections of ones life. Knowing how long it will last can be vital in getting through some of the tougher times. Then we add on the outside acknowledgment of what the person has been going through is real and valid, and this can go a long way toward lifting them back up again.

From there we can talk about the nature of Saturn, and the need to face reality during those weeks, even as it may be hard, or even painful. The person can know that it is a time to put their nose to the grindstone and that fun and light will return in time, but for now it’s just time to get up and make the donuts.



While knowing your natal chart isn’t a cure all, it does lay a solid foundation on which you can build yourself up. You have to know where you are to know where you want to go. If you would like my guidance in understanding yourself and your natal chart simply email me at and I am happy to help.  You can also schedule with me directly by clicking HERE TO SCHEDULE

In the meantime, the sun is the enemy of Saturn, so if you are feeling depressed try going out in it more and see if that doesn’t lift your spirits some.

See You Soon!


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