Dr. Teralyn Discusses Natural Solutions To Mental Health & Addictions on National Podcast with Dr. Cali Estes

Celebrity Recovery Coach, Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach,  sat down with Dr. Teralyn to talk about natural ways to improve mental health and addictions outcomes.


Stop holding back on your life and start moving forward, naturally!

After Dr. Teralyn explains her method of helping those with substance use disorder she discusses her initial step with her addiction clients. This is finding out what they want and what their goals are. She goes on to emphasize that she wants her clients to leave with the treatment that benefits them and that they can actually use.

The comparison between talking and physical repair for addiction treatment is brought up and Dr. Teralyn shares how quick the addiction breaking regiment cycle is with her method.

Join us to hear her findings that anyone can need neurotransmitter repair as a result of food and environment playing a crucial role in our lives. She shares that diet, lifestyle, supplementation and neurotransmitter repair can improve even issues inherent in DNA.

Essential Oils and their Role in Mental Health and Addiction
Being one of the first things Dr. Teralyn tried, she shares some facts about stimulating essential oils. Tune in to find out what effects essential oils have on serotonin and GABA levels. She compares amino acids to essential oils and you won’t believe the fascinating findings!

Dr. Teralyn notes that these would have to be used in conjunction with other life changes in order to improve addiction. There is no silver bullet.