Lackluster Marriage?

It is estimated that couples wait 7 years in a lackluster marriage before seeking couples counseling.  I couldn’t imagine waiting that long for something to miraculously fix itself and save my marriage.  This year my husband and I celebrate 20 years of marriage.  Twenty years and several children later here we are!  As with many long term marriages it hasn’t always been roses, it couldn’t be.  Life throws relationships too many curve balls and tests for that to ever happen.  As with many of you we have been through some really rough times including job loss, health crisis, recovery issues, and dealing with the challenges of a blended family.  From toddler issues to teenage angst I think we’ve seen it all (probably not, but I sure hope so).  I remember things being pretty rough back then, there was even some talk of divorce.  At about year 12 we sought help. The most difficult part was taking responsibility for my own actions, learning something different and forgiving each other.  But through all of this, we learned to trust and love again. At year 20 we are closer now than we ever were.  There is hope.

I shared my story with you so you could find some hope for your own marriage.  I don’t propose to help you only because I have been there, but also because I have dedicated my practice to saving marriages and keeping families together. 

If you are struggling in your marriage and have been thinking about couples counseling,  I encourage you to give us a call now.  Do not wait another 7 years for something to change.  Dedicate yourself to making change happen.  There’s too much at stake and your family is worth it.