Take Care of Your Body: It’s The Only Place You Have To Live In

This is a fantastic quote from my mentor Boris.  Boris is an inspiration to so many and I am honored to share his knowledge.  The road to recovery is paved with many choices.  Often we don’t even think about fitness as a path, but it really is.  Once we can get your body functioning again it will begin to heal and work optimally.  Whether you have never exercised before or have just put the gym aside, I can help you. 

Recovery Fitness

People in addiction recovery or mental health recovery need tools that are based on a spiritual foundation.  It should not matter who is watching or what others think of you and when one is able to make this connection, there is a spiritual foundation to fitness.  There is no physical recovery without proper nutrition and clients who implement a routine of healthy eating habits and fitness can recover faster and with less chance of relapse.  Recovery Fitness is combining nutrition and physical fitness within the scope of recovery and sobriety.  As the only Nationally Certified Fitness Recovery Coach in the Valley I have a great understanding of that connection.  The same principles that it takes to get sober is what it takes to get in shape.  It’s a “leave your ego at the door” concept.  Feeling good should be the driving force, not looking good.  Having that interaction with someone is key in helping others find a purpose. 

Whether you are in early recovery from drugs, alcohol, food or mental health issues or you have been on track for a while, engaging in our recovery fitness individualized program is key to maintaining a healthy life.  

Exercise Is The Key to Long Lasting Sobriety

But for someone in early recovery, your body is still releasing toxins and regaining strength.  There is still a lot of healing to do so we begin with gentle exercise that focuses on blood circulation and the release of toxins.  We will focus on setting small goals, learning to breathe and how to use proper form.  It doesn’t matter if you have exercised a single day in your life.  I can help anyone at all levels of fitness.  

No Gym…No Problem!

There is no need to get a gym membership or go to the gym.  All of the exercises can easily be done at home with only a few simple exercise tools  You will need a jump rope, yoga mat, swiss ball and a simple dumbbell set or resistance bands.  Don’t worry about what to do or how to do it because I will develop an individualized movement program that will allow you to heal and to gain your strength back.