Sand Vs. Supplements

Supplement choices available are complicated. You stand in the aisle of the store and read that ‘this one supposedly does this’ and the ‘other one does that’. How in the world are you supposed to really know what supplements to choose?

Our therapists make it easy! We specialize in not only mental health counseling but also in how supplements/neuro-nutrients can improve your life and decrease mental health symptoms. There isn’t a one-sized fits all approach to supplements so here are the cliff notes….

1. Do your supplements actually contain what they say they contain?
On the news the other day many big box retailers failed in this category. Some of their supplements had no vital ingredients and others contained sand, yes I said sand. At best many retailer’s supplements contain a number of additives and fillers which have NO nutritional value. So you are swallowing a ‘bed pan bullet’. Through the gut and straight out the bowel. Essentially you think you are swallowing something of benefit, but you aren’t. A good rule of thumb…if you can’t FEEL the benefit, there probably isn’t any.

Here’s the link to the news report

2. Look for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
When looking at supplements there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, buy from a reputable source who sets high standards for the products they produce. They will make sure they are getting high quality and pure product. Second, make sure they are getting their products tested by a third party testing facility. This helps to ensure they are not skewing the testing results. Make sure the product follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as this sets a standard for quality products. Third, talk to someone (like us) who understands supplements and their purpose so they can give you solid information.

3. Delivery to the Absorption site matters!
Even high quality supplements in pill form only have a 35% absorption rate. It is essential to deliver as much product as possible to the proper absorption site in the body (Digestive system). Without high delivery the product….goes in one end and out the other.

4. Find Someone that Knows the Products!
Let us make it easy on you! We carry a superior product line called Nutrametrix which is only available in a health professional’s office. We would be happy to share with you our information. Nutrametrix offer high quality, a 95% delivery rate which means super high absorbability, the ingredients are backed by science, third party tested (GMP certified). Nutrametrix products are truly unique as they have a patented (yup no other products have this) isotonic solution. This means the body recognizes Nutrametrix as part of its biology when swallowed. When this happens, it means that the product can be absorbed immediately in the stomach and delivered quickly and easily to the intestines. You can actually FEEL the difference.

Watch and learn about Nutrametrix here

At Cardinal Point we look at Mental Health Counseling as only one piece of the mental health and addiction solution. Another piece is neuro-nutrient therapy. When we combine the 2 areas you benefit like never before!


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