The New Year’s Resolution Disaster Plan

With the New Year being here let’s talk about your New Year’s Resolution for a minute. The thought or idea behind a NYR is that the person resolves, makes a promise to do a form of self-improvement or kind act for the upcoming year. I read somewhere that only 8 % of people actually follow through on their NYR with most lasting less than 30 days. Let’s face it they usually have something to do with improving our health, and sound great when we make them.

Resolutions such as…I’m going to quit smoking, going to the gym, eating better, no fast food, oh yeah, quit drinking. You may be making the NYR because people around you have expressed concern about you, or you recently went to the doctor, or even self-reflection brought it on.

Why do so many of us fail at our NYR? I know I have. Let’s face it, when we make one we have all the good intentions of doing it and it sure sounds good when you make it. You’ll benefit from it in so many ways, and maybe you even you think it won’t be that hard. Sure people do succeed with them, but what about the other 92%? The first time you face your resolution you stand strong, and may get through it. Good for you! But soon you face it again and again then you start telling yourself how good you did and that should “reward” yourself by indulging, just a little bit because after all you quit, right and one drink isn’t really drinking, one smoke isn’t really smoking. All to soon you find that your telling yourself this all the time, it’s ok the game is on, it’s just a drink with dinner, I had a very stressful day, it’s a party… you get the point. Now if you’re dealing with quitting something you quickly find out “this is hard”. If you have found yourself at that point when you think all I have to do is proclaim in a simple NYR that “I quit” and it’s just that easy, it’s going to be a rough road. Welcome to the 92% club!

Why not use that NYR as the motivation to seek some assistance? Instead of “I’m going to quit…” make it, “I’m going to get help to…..” During that time you can sit down and we can work through it and see what might be right you. After all if quitting was that easy there would be no need for the number of businesses and organizations to use as an available resource or help. Look at your odds, 8% stick with their NYR and those who decide to quit without any form help have less than a 25% of success.

So let’s focus on rewording your NYR and say “this is the year I get help with _______”. I know it’s a lot to think about, but remember all those good reasons you had when you were thinking about making it. I want to better my health, my relationship, my family needs me; this is not the person I am. Look at yourself in mirror and be honest. It’ can be very scary; I know this is why help is out there. So if you’re planning a NYR give me call and let’s make you an 8 percenter!

Let’s make 2016 Great!

Recovery Coach Stevebe awesome