Astrology, a Powerful Way to Help You Find Direction for Healing

I know you have spent countless hours trying to figure out ‘why’ things have been so difficult and ‘when’ things will change.  You no longer have to guess!  With the information learned from an astrology session you will gain an objective, nonjudgmental view of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses & of your situation.

If you are ready to dig deep to understand yourself, you’ve come to the right place & I’m excited to help!



Gain New Perspective!

When we look at things from the same angle every day we can no longer see anything new.  If you have ever said, “It must be a full moon” then you know on some level that the planets, moon and sun can impact our behavior.  We also know that the tides are impacted by those same entities. It makes sense that if the massive oceans are impacted by the planets, then we will be too.

Using astrology as a base we can look at where the planets are now, how these energies are affecting you, and how to work with them for your benefit. Sometimes it can be helpful just to understand that “This too shall pass” and that a particularly hard aspect won’t be around forever. Taking a look at the current Transits, as they are called, can give us an idea of where it would be best to focus our energy at this time and gain new perspective.



Get Focused!

From the minute we are born our lives have been impacted by the energy around us.  The benefits of using astrology to gain more focus in your life are many.  Through understanding the placements of the planets we can get to know and accept ourselves in an authentic way.

The Sun is joined by the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and more to make up who you are. The Moon shows our emotional state for example, how we handle crisis situations, and what we take comfort in. Through understanding the placements of the planets we can get to know and accept ourselves in an authentic way. Problem areas in our lives can be pinpointed, understood, and potential solutions can be identified.

Your Natal (birth) Chart offers an objective, bird’s eye view of you, allowing you to augment the positive and work through the negative. It is a powerful transformative tool for your growth and allows you to get focused again.



Taking Astrology into the Mainstream

Astrology is a science that has been studied for thousands of years. With all of that studying the mechanisms of why it works are still not completely understood. But considering we think we know about 4% of what there is to know about the Universe it is clear that we still have much to learn. Similarly, the study of astrology is also evolving which is why I work to stay on top of emerging research. 

We know that there are many ways to heal and we want you to have options.  Astrology is just another avenue to achieve a deeper understanding of yourself, your circumstance and even your relationships.  Even the father of psychology, Carl Jung, incorporated astrology into his therapy practice.  So we figure if it has Jung’s seal of approval, we should offer it at Cardinal Point!  Incorporating Astrology into a mental health practice is a cutting edge way to bring it into the mainstream and Cardinal Point is stoked to offer it!


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