What Is An Addiction Intervention

What is an addiction intervention?

What is a professional addiction intervention? You’re feeling lost and desperate on what to do about your loved one and their drinking or drugging.  You have been dealing with this for years and you just don’t know where to turn or what to do. It consumes you in every way possible  from your daily routine, to your thoughts of what things will be like today, or is today the day I get the call you’ve been dreading.  Now you’re planning a funeral.  You have given thought about doing an alcohol or drug addiction intervention many times and just not sure where to turn or who to call. An addiction in Menasha WI is just same as it is in any other city. Let’s face it it’s not something that you want to brag about and then there the “what if people find out” stigma attached to addiction. Having a loved one with an addiction is in no way a reflection on you, your family, or parenting skills. There is often some root cause that may have led to the start of the addiction. Recovery is possible. The addicted person is dealing with some sort of “pain” and this is the way they have learned to cope with it. It is a brain chemistry thing and “just quitting” is not an option. It has been going on for years in many cases, and your trying to get them quit isn’t going to work, after all it hasn’t so far.  This is often a life and death matter and another day of using is another day they are deeper entrenched in the addiction.

 An Intervention Of Some Kind Will Happen, That Is The Fact. drug intervention

One thing that is for sure is that in intervention is going to happen.  It’s just a matter of what kind and when.  You see there are many kinds of interventions.  Courts, divorce, job loss, death…they are all interventions.  But what about an intervention that is planned?  One definition of intervention:  An occasion in which a person with an addiction or other behavioral problem is confronted by a group of friends or family members in an attempt to persuade them to address the issue. A starting point to change.

The idea is to approach the person in a loving caring way that focuses on helping them. Provide a forum for the family and friends share the impact of the substance abuse and the effect it is having on the addicted person as well as everyone around them.  After all there is never just one person affected by an addiction. An intervention is not about ganging up on the person and pointing out flaws, or berating or shaming the person. This is done in a calm loving manner. It is often best to have an interventionist come in and assist with this, reasons being, they are trained, they are not attached emotionally and can help keep intervention members in check. They can help organize, provide the format, and answer questions about addiction and recovery. Provide resources and ideas to what are the best next steps and how to get there. An intervention is just as much about education as it is about family members sharing information and to support each other while through the process.


addiction rock bottomDon’t Wait For Rock Bottom

This can be the worst thing to do. As you’re waiting for them to “bottom out” or come to realization that they need help and take steps to get it, this is often when the unplanned or unwanted intervention happens. This can look like many different things. It may be a DUI, relationship or marriage failures, job loss, financial collapse, health care event very often serious condition, overdose, or sadly the risk of hurting others in some way. I can almost assure you that if an addiction has been going on for an extended period of time, the person knows they need help. They just don’t know how to go about it and are not able to see themselves being able to do it. Again it’s a brain chemistry thing. Many times the person is relieved that help is being offered, doesn’t make it any less scary but you and they have to start somewhere.  An intervention is a carefully planned and executed process and there are a few different methods of doing them. Love and support is the underlying theme in all of them. This where the professional interventionist comes in, keeping everything on track and in check. Rehab is just the start. Once the loved returns this is where the real work starts and I cannot stress the importance of continuing support through therapy and coaching along with other external support opportunities. This same continuing support should be sought out the by family members as well so you can prepare and learn what to expect upon your love ones return. Getting sober is so much more than the act of stopping using. Everyone who was affected by the addiction has to learn new ways and the dynamics of recovery. If you have given thought to an intervention please don’t wait, there are lives in the balance and every day that goes by is a day you can’t get back.

An intervention is process intended to help another person.  This is usually a family member, friend or colleague to realize the self-destructive behaviors of their substance use.  This being done in a way that the addicted person will accept the help that is being offered to them.

intervention professional If your family is ready for an intervention, please don’t wait another day!  It could be your loved ones last day on this earth before the addicts takes their life.  I am ready to help you get your loved one the treatment they need and help your family to start healing.  

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