Yoga: A Self Study For A Healthy Life

2.1 Tapaha Svadyaya isvara pranidanani kriya yoga

1: Purification (self-control)

2: Self study

3: Faith in something bigger than self

This sutra happens to be my favorite. My mantra. My driving force to a healthy, well-balanced life. It is a guideline I try and live by to give me direction. Success is varied of course, but the intention to stay the course of the sutra is invaluable.

What it means is as simplistic or complicated as you choose to make it. I try and keep it simple which is why I presented it the way I did at the beginning of this article. But, it wouldn’t be much of a blog with out a bit more explanation, so here goes…

Tapaha: Purify your thoughts, purify your actions and purify your life. What happens when and if you do? Health of course. If we are not running ourselves down or holding ourselves to an unrealistic set of expectations we are healthier. If we are not spending energy bitching or gossiping we are better off. If we are not emotionally eating or drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs as a replacement for therapy or medicine, our body and brain will be more content. Not to mention a lot happier!

Self-study: I despise “self-help” books. But, I find if I read things that stir my intellect, I feel more well-rounded. I read about yoga, reiki, the body’s anatomy, different religions, belief systems, etc. The more I read, the broader my mind becomes, the better I will feel and be. Of that I am certain. It’s hard to put in words, but I feel it in my body.

yoga reiki

Speaking of feeling it in my body, If you choose to pay attention to your body, it has so much to say! Pain is not an enemy of the body to be destroyed. It is a messenger trying to let you know there is something amiss with your vessel. Listen more intently to all the systems of your vessel and you won’t end up in pain. What does that mean? It means deal with emotional discomfort rather than pretending you’re not experiencing it. Honor where your physical body limitations are on any given day rather than “pushing through”. Live fully within you and try not to make everything comfortably external. Challenging yes, but also very worth it!

 Isvara pranidanani: This phrase actually translates to an unconditional surrender to God consciousness and the renunciation of desire of all fruits that might accrue from one’s actions. What the heck does that mean?! Simply live from humility, grace and gratitude. When hurting, help others. Ask for help when you need it. Understand you are one person in a mighty sea of people. Know your worth and set healthy boundaries accordingly.

Yoga is a system of living. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the “how to” and this sutra is my credo. Namaste’

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