Your Child Or Loved One Is Struggling…

Previously you thought that there was nothing you could do to get your loved one into treatment.  So, you tried to help them all on your end but nothing seemed to change. Now, you can schedule a professional intervention to get your loved one into the treatment center that they need to get clean and sober and heal.  

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Help Your Loved One With a Professional Intervention

You’ve been in over your head long enough trying to help your loved one quit using.  You have watched them for long enough putting their body, their mind and their soul through hell because of drinking and it’s time to make some changes. You don’t have to take this on alone.  A professional intervention can help get your loved one into the treatment they need and get your family the help you deserve.

Perhaps you have found yourself asking how to do a drug or alcohol intervention for your loved one.  Maybe all you need is guidance and you can do the rest on your own.  Or, you would prefer not being the facilitator of your loved ones intervention and would like someone to orchestrate the entire intervention.  Either way we can help you.  We can do Interventions from start to finish or we can provide intervention consultation from a distance.  It’s really your choice,  but we can help you out either way.

What Happens After The Intervention?

After your loved one enters treatment the real work at home begins.  You have also been struggling along side your loved one.  You have enabling behaviors and most likely a sense of co-dependency to deal with.  Things cannot remain the same at home.  If they do you will quickly find yourself back in the same rut of addiction that you had before.  Your work is just as important as the work your loved one is doing in rehab.  Your recovery journey is about to begin and we are excited to help you.