Do You Or Your Loved One Have a Drinking or Drug Problem?

If you found yourself asking “do I have a drinking problem” most likely you do. Did you know that your chance of alcohol recovery through “traditional” methods is about one in four? Those odds are lousy!  That’s why Cardinal Point in the Fox Valley isn’t your traditional alcohol recovery center! We have a program that will help you quit drinking and RECLAIM your life today.

It’s time to do something different. A different approach plus different therapy equals real alcohol recovery. If you are wondering how to “quit drinking” or “slow it way down” then call us today.

Help Your Loved One With a Professional Intervention

You’ve been in over your head long enough trying to help your loved one quit using.  You have watched them for long enough putting their body, their mind and their soul through hell because of drinking and it’s time to make some changes. You don’t have to take this on alone.  A professional intervention can help get your loved one into the treatment they need and get your family the help you deserve.


We know that quitting is filled with fear, we’ve been there!  Recovery Coach Steve is in 20+ years of alcohol recovery.  He knows the journey!  Dr. Terri and Coach Steve are a couple in recovery.  Together they have formulated this flagship RECLAIM recovery program designed to work and it all starts with a professional addiction intervention! 

There’s a lot at stake, and you’re worth it.  

Would you like to learn the number one predictor of a relapse?  Click here to learn about it from Recovery Coach Steve!

Find Direction with Lab Testing and Amino Acid Therapy

The next step of the RECLAIM program is lab testing.  Labs are the front line defense in understanding your body and why the addiction exists.  Labs help us develop a plan to re-balance your nutritional deficits and neurotransmitter problems most often caused by the addiction. This immediately jump starts your body and brain’s recovery, helps to eliminate cravings and makes the process easier. This is where real recovery begins!

The secrets to improved mood are right in your body just waiting to be uncovered!  With lab tests, we lead the way to improved mental and physical health. We are the only therapists who combine lab testing with therapy to improve your outcomes significantly!

We offer the following lab tests:

  • Neurotransmitter Testing
  • Adrenal function
  • Food Sensitivity
  • DNA Genetic Analysis for Mood and Weight Loss
  • MicroNutrient Labs

After we know exactly what to target, we put together a comprehensive plan which includes nutrition therapy and an individualized combination of oral amino acids.  Amino acids help you to improve mood and end your addiction.


Your DNA Tells A Story…

Obviously, genetics plays a crucial role in how our bodies grow and age, especially when it comes to our hormones, neurotransmitters, and diet.  In combination, they have an impact on our moods, addiction, stress and sleep response.  Variations in our genetic code can have both positive and negative effects on how our bodies manage stress and hormones.

One key player in alcohol addiction is hypglycemia or blood sugar. Blood sugar is vital to human function and must be consistently kept at a steady level to maintain good health. Low blood sugar is the #1 predictor of relapse. Some genetic variations are associated with the body’s ability to efficiently clear glucose from the blood. Most likely you don’t know if you have these gene variations, which means you don’t know what actions you can take to help maintain your optimal health.

 Our DNA analysis analyzes gene variants and your lifestyle choices to compile a personalized  report that provides recommendations regarding lifestyle, diet, exercise and supplementation. The DNA Analysis can help you understand how your genes affect the choices you make that may be encouraging your addiction and poor mood- from diet to exercise to supplementation – so you can maintain optimal health.

genetic testing

Specialized Therapy to Understand Why You Drink

Recovery is far more than feeling like you are hanging on tight to a rope that might fray at any second. Specialized addiction therapy is for those seeking real relief from emotional and psychological pain which caused the addiction in the first place.  Let’s dig deep to figure out the root cause, smash it with a ‘sledgehammer’ and move forward! This is our specialty, let us help you today!

Recovery Coaching to Stay the Course

Now that you have found dry land it’s time to tackle every day life. Alcohol treatment is a great first step, but people facing addiction clearly need more support when they ‘finish’ treatment. Professional Recovery Coaching is ongoing strength based support that can help a person stay in recovery without relapsing. Research proves that people who have a recovery coach stay in sobriety longer.  Recovery coaching is convenient, you can do it in person, over the phone or on the web.  Whatever way you choose, we’ve got you covered! Just like the oldest lighthouse, the beacon of hope shines bright.

Your Recovery Journey Starts Now.

At Cardinal Point in the Fox Valley we tailor your recovery journey to include jump starting your brain’s recovery with lab testing, uncovering and smashing the root cause with specialty therapy and helping you stay the course with Recovery coaching. The journey is up to you, but we would like to be a part of it.

Our approach is unlike any other services in the Fox Valley. Our addiction recovery services focus on adults. Contact us today for a FREE consultation to begin your journey!

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