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Hello!  We are Dr. Teralyn & Recovery Coach Steve.  We are a couple on a mission to find the most natural, cutting edge solutions to improve mental health and wellness and to help people end their battle with addiction.  

We continue to invite only the highest quality, like-minded holistic health professionals to practice at Cardinal Point located in Neenah WI.  We serve the entire Fox Valley from Oshkosh, Neenah, Menasha, Appleton all the way to Green Bay, Wisconsin.  From mental health counseling, to cutting edge care like addiction recovery & interventions to brain nutrient therapy, nutrition, yoga and energy work.  We continue to turn traditional mental health and addiction treatment on its head and to find real solutions that actually work!  We hope you enjoy your time with us as we enjoy our time helping you!





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Interventions, AODA Assessments, Recovery Coaching, Counseling

Your family has been waiting long enough, and so have you. Interventions help to get your loved one into recovery and helps them quit! Not only do we help you address the psychological piece of quitting alcohol and drugs, but we also offer neuro-nutrient support, re-balancing the brain and making quitting easier. We also have something unique to the Fox Valley, professional drug and alcohol interventions and recovery coaching. Alcohol Recovery coaching keeps you focused and helps you maintain real sobriety. Quitting anything is likely the most courageous thing you’ve ever done. If you are ready to end your alcohol addiction for good or slow your drinking down, then we will provide the personal and confidential support you need to stay sober.



Couples Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, EMDR, Brainspotting

If you are struggling as a couple or as an individual look no further.  If your past gets in the way of your future and you just can’t connect, we can help. We use EMDR & Brainspotting,  scientifically-proven methods to treat post traumatic stress, panic attacks, grief, disorders, phobias, anxiety, and more. While we can’t change what you have endured in the past, we can help you settle those challenges now so you can move forward.

If you are looking to keep your marriage and family together or If you struggle with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD or other mental health problem you are in the right place. Our skilled therapists can help you regain your health and wellness through mental health counseling. 




Brain Health (lab tests), Nutrition, Yoga, Essential Oils

Are you looking for something different to help your depression and anxiety?  Perhaps you want to dig a little deeper or turn down your worry.  We have a wide variety of holistic healthcare specialties that will help you to get to the root of your problem and actually fix it.  All of our holistic health options help your body and mind beat depression, anxiety and addictions naturally.   Holistic mental health care stands “outside the realm of traditional care”, with our practitioners demonstrating a willingness to look outside the box when treating a client’s mental condition. 





Tried everything and still don’t feel better?  Then it’s time for something different!  If you are looking for a different way to heal from the inside out, look no further than energy work.  Energy work is the science and art of correcting imbalances and unblocking blocked energy.  Energy psychology is based on the broad theory that mental health and physical health conditions are related to altered flow and function in the body’s electrical energies and energy fields. The idea that the body’s electricity and energy can be manipulated to produce healing and spiritual development is a root of many ancient, holistic approaches to medicine.  Our energy worker practices Reiki.  If you are interested in learning more about energy please click the below to learn more. 


Cardinal Point is a destination for holistic mental health and recovery care. Each professional who is here operates their own independent private practice. Privacy Policy