Every professional who has their independent private practice at Cardinal Point knows real success when they see it, and they will encourage you to persevere until you accomplish your goals.

Not only are we all skilled in our craft, we also have some unique specialties including Adult, Teen, Child counseling,  Brain Health & Mood Solutions, Weight Management, EMDR/Trauma Treatment, addiction recovery, couples counseling, astrology and hypnosis.

Cardinal Point is a destination for holistic mental health and recovery care. Each professional who is here operates their own independent private practice. 

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Dr. Terri Sell, PhD, MS, LPC, CSAC

Holistic Mental Health Therapist, Couples Counselor & Brain Health Coach

Twenty years ago I married the person I loved and became a stepmom in one day! I’ve always wanted to be married and I was so happy to have a new family. I quickly realized that I was completely unprepared for this! All the ins and outs of step-parenting made me feel exhausted and confused. We then had 2 more children and I had to figure things out fast! I know the stepparent struggle and parenting struggles. My training and education, as well as my life experiences, have taught me that it doesn’t have to be hard! We can make it easier!

I learned that becoming in control of my own life was about uncovering my own strengths and creating an action plan. As with you, my life journey has been filled with twists and turns and I am also in a constant state of growth and development.

In another twist, a few years ago I fell in love with jogging and setting wellness goals. Today, you will find me challenging myself by running half marathons and other races throughout the Fox River valley. Jogging has provided me with not only a physical outlet but also has helped me to pave the way to my own emotional wellness and personal growth.

What I Have Done As A Therapist…

Since 1998 I have worked with families and have helped people strengthen and develop better relationships as an individual or as a couple. I also worked for over a decade as a counselor. I’ve had great success facilitating change and deeper personal understanding with clients of all ages. My focus as a counselor is on helping my clients effectively tackle the challenges of their lives using an approach of practical feedback, compassion and personal awareness. Most recently I have focused my education and practice on helping clients achieve full recovery from mental health & addictions using nutritional supplementation and amino acid protocols.

For Those Interested, Here Are My Credentials…

  • Doctorate of Philosophy in  Psychology with and Addictions Studies Focus, PhD
  • Masters of Science, Counseling Psychology, MS
  • National Board Certified Counselor, NBCC
  • Wisconsin Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
    • Addictions Specialty Credential
    • Psychometric Testing Specialty Credential
  • National Certified Intervention Professional
  • EMDR Certified Trauma Therapist
  • EMDR Credentialed Consultant
  • Mental Health & Addiction Nutrition Coach
  • Graduate of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition

In addition to being a counselor, I am also recognized as a Master Level Trainer in Early Childhood Education. I teach psychology and early childhood courses at several colleges and universities.  Dr. Teralyn has worked with a major television network performing psychological evaluations for television show participants.  She is also contracted to work with Celebrity Interventionist and Rehab Professional Dr. Cali Estes as a faculty member for The Addictions Academy.

My practice at Cardinal Point is called Inner Strength Counseling & Recovery LLC

Give me a call today (920) 471-1987

Stomach Bloat

Tina Wankey, LCSW, MSW, MSHN

Holistic Mental Health Therapist, Couples Counselor & Health Coach


They say the first few years of marriage are the hardest. I would have to say that was true for me! However, the difficulty may not be what you would expect. I met my husband 13 years ago and we were married about 7 years ago. Three years into the relationship my husband re-enlisted into the military. He re-enlisted to purposely fight overseas and was soon deployed to Iraq. Talk about a hard to swallow moment. But, I was in love so I stayed in the relationship and supported his decision. He returned and we got married. Soon after we were pregnant and found out he was being deployed back to Iraq for the second time. Our daughter was born and literally 45 minutes later he headed off to Iraq.  I was a newlywed, a new mom and newly overwhelmed. Thankfully he returned safely but as a result he was only back for a few weeks during our daughter’s first year of life. As many military spouses know, after returning there is a time of reintegration. This is when I watched a soldier transition back into a husband and into a new dad. All of this within the first year of marriage! Thankfully our love was strong and although it was tough we got through it, together. I enjoy working with all kinds of couples, but I have a special interest in helping struggling military couples and those marriages that are having hard times early on.

What I Have Done As A Clinical Social Worker…

I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 9 years. I have worked with adolescents in a residential facility and  I have also worked in a medical clinic providing social work services and mental health therapy.  I always incorporated nutritional support as many times the body is lacking in particular nutrients which can lead to mental health symptoms. I also utilize EMDR in my therapy sessions, which I have found to be extremely helpful in helping people get unstuck.

I enjoy discovering the connection between the mind and the body. For instance, when I feel stressed out I find myself reaching for particular food. Also when I put certain food into my body I get ‘brain fog’. To solve these problems I have studied how to rid the body of toxins, and how to give the body good nutrients through quality supplements and ‘real’ food. This approach is often in lieu of medication or in adjunct to it.

I enjoy incorporating holistic health practices in my own life through healthy eating, proper supplementation, aromatherapy, mindfulness and stress reducing techniques and I would enjoy helping you too.

For Those Interested, Here Are My Credentials…

• Wisconsin Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW

• Masters of Social Work, MSW
• Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition, MSHN
• Clinical Aromatherapist
• Certified Wellness Coach

Things that I enjoy
I greatly enjoy incorporating EMDR therapy into my practice. I also enjoy being on a continuous journey of seeking out knowledge about physical and mental health. On a personal note, I enjoy going for bike rides with my family, practicing yoga and kickboxing, and spending time in nature.

I would enjoy helping you on your health and wellness journey

My practice at Cardinal Point is called Roots of Healing LLC

Give me a call today (920) 471-1988

Steve Sell, RC, CNRC

Professional Recovery Coach & Certified Nutrition Recovery Coach

I’d like to start by telling you what inspired me to become a Recovery/Sober Coach.

Firstly, sobriety is the only way to go. I know this because I have been in long term addiction recovery (20+ years) and have lived the destruction of addiction in my own life. More importantly, I have lived the success of sobriety.

My addiction of choice was alcohol and I often struggled with the question, “Do I have a drinking problem?” I was in denial for many years despite my life imploding around me. It took me a while to come to terms and accept that alcohol was the common denominator to many of my problems.

I needed to make a BIG change and to stop drinking, and that is what I did!

After a year without alcohol I met the love of my life, Teralyn. You guessed it, Dr. Sell is my wife. She and I set out on a journey of building a great family together and I realized that sober living has great rewards! Fast forward 20 years and here we are building a practice helping others, together. I realize now that she was my Recovery Coach when that term didn’t even exist.

If you would have asked me 20 years ago where I would be today, I never would have thought my story would turn out like this! I am helping people like you who are in the same spot I was in. I am providing strength-based recovery coaching to get you going on your own sober path.

My Approach As A Recovery Coach…

I am thrilled to be helping you with your sober journey! I have focused my education and training on coaching for alcohol problems and smoking cessation. Of primary concern is helping you rebalance your body for sustained recovery through through nutrient and neurotransmitter repair. If you are a binge drinker, a daily drinker or drinking is causing a bunch of problems and you are ready for a change, then you are in the right spot. If the 12-step program is not appealing, or you have tried it before and it just didn’t fit, then Recovery Coaching could be a great option for you.

If you have quit drinking and now find yourself struggling to stay sober and picking up the pieces of your life, Recovery Coaching is for you! Coaching focuses on the future, while counseling cleans up the past. Coaching is a personal, strength-based journey and one that together we can set and achieve goals for a brighter tomorrow even when today seems bleak.

If you have ever asked yourself, “Do I drink too much?” or if others tell you that you drink too much and you are ready to look into the possibility that quitting drinking might be for you, I can help.

For Those Interested, Here are My Credentials…

  • National Certified Intervention Professional
  • Professional Recovery/Sober Coach (Crossroads Recovery Training)
  • National Certified Case Management Professional
  • Addiction Nutrition Certified Coach, CNRC
  • Motivational Interviewing Certificate
  • Madison Area Technical College (1981-1983)
  • Sober Since 1992

I focus on Recovery Coaching for quitting Alcohol and stopping smoking. Most coaching sessions are held over the phone or via the internet for convenience. However, I do have in-office sessions and I can discuss meeting you locally in the Fox Valley area.

Call or email me today for your FREE initial consultation to start experiencing your own sober rewards with your own Recovery Coach!

My practice at Cardinal Point is KICK Recovery Coaching llc

Give me a call today (920) 784-8669 option 5

Nikki DeKeuster, B.A.

Transformational Astrologer

Believe it or not, I never set out to be a professional Astrologer. Now that I am one it is hard to believe I ever did anything else.   I discovered Astrology at a particularly grueling point in my life. I was very sick with an illness that no one understood at the time.  In the span of about 1 ½ years I lost my health, job, house, and many friends and family. My husband Brian was granite solid through all of this, never wavering for a moment. I love him more than I can ever express. But being able to give him the smart, wily, and beautiful daughter we never thought we would have seems like a good place to start.  I ended up having to largely heal myself through trial, error, alternative methods and through discovering astrology.

They say that becoming an astrologer is more of a calling, I believe that.  I asked the Universe what the number was of the bus that had hit me and it laid Astrology in my lap and I couldn’t ignore it. With my health on the upswing I dedicated myself to learning how to read my natal (birth) chart and how to understand what was going on with the current planetary positions and how it was affecting me. The story that unfolded made an eerie amount of sense and gave meaning and purpose to what I was going through. Most importantly it showed me that there would indeed be a light at the end of the tunnel and gave me a road map for getting there with less of a bumpy ride.


My Approach as an Astrologer

Astrology helped me to understand myself and my current circumstances in a way that made a profound difference in my own recovery. I know that it can help guide you with your own recovery too.  I encourage you to be skeptical; I certainly was when I first discovered Astrology. But after years of research and systematic application to the charts of family, friends, and clients; the results speak for themselves. Time and again I have watched the weight lift from people’s shoulders as they see themselves, their loved ones, and what they are going through from an objective point of view and gain a new and deeper understanding of their world.


  • Certification by the Organization for Professional Astrology (In Progress)
  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Many years of intensive study across multiple astrological disciplines.
  • Hundreds of charts analyzed.

I focus on using astrology to help you transform your life. Because I understand that Astrology has yet to rise into the mainstream and would like to both facilitate that and put you at ease, I offer a money back guarantee. If you don’t find our session to be helpful, truthful, and insightful I will refund your money. Call or email me today to start experiencing the powerful information your own birth chart can provide.

My practice at Cardinal Point is Phoenix Rose Astrology llc

Give me a call today (920) 471-1979

David Ruby, BSE, MSLIS

Hypnotist & Certified Integrative Life Coach

Hypnosis has long fascinated me, however it seemed too good to be true. As such, I came into hypnosis several years ago as a skeptic, yet open to it. Since I worked in research, I decided I would find out for myself what the research said. I was surprised at how much evidence supported hypnosis’ use for a myriad of problems. After all, Hollywood made it seem like you waved a watch in somebody’s face and they went into a trance where they would do whatever the hypnotist told them. Turns out that is not really what hypnosis is about.It has been used for everything from stress to changing personal beliefs, pain management, surgical anesthesia and entertaining stage shows. It is not about taking control from you, it is actually about empowering you.
I have since used hypnosis to change beliefs about myself and what I am capable of, supercharge my workouts, and communicate with my own unconscious to make positive personal changes.

My interest is in helping you enhance their life beyond what you may have believed was possible. At present, I am still constantly learning more about hypnosis and what we can do with it.

While hypnosis can be used for many things. Several of the classes I have taken have prepared me to focus on certain demographics. Most recently I have taken training for using hypnosis in PTSD, martial arts, cancer support, for academia, sports, and performance enhancement.


What I Have Done As A Hypnotist..

I am the founder of Fox Valley Hypnosis, LLC. As such, I have spent the past several years learning to help others manage stress, relieve pain, resolve past trauma, and generally become more resourceful. I have trained with Melissa Tiers from The center for Integral Hypnosis, and with Michael Watson from Phoenix Services in Orlando, Florida. I have been published in the Fall, 2016 edition of Unlimited Human. I have received my certification of confidence from the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute in NLP for NLP 101 and NLP205. In addition, I have completed Steve Andreas’ PTSD training, Craig Sigl’s sports hypnosis training, Joshua Manuel of Fight Hypnosis for fighting and martial arts hypnosis, Richard Nongard’s hypnosis academic and sports performance training, and completed Kelley Woods’ and Roger Moore’s Cancer Care Support hypnosis training.

For Those Interested, Here are My Credentials…

  • Certification of Confidence in Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP
  • Certified Integrative Life Coach
  • Master of Arts, School of Library & Information Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Education

I have received my certification of confidence from the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute in NLP for NLP 101 and NLP205.In addition to hypnosis,

Things That I Enjoy…

I enjoy weightlifting, martial arts, hockey, dog training, cooking, and spending time with my family.  I would enjoy helping you become your ideal self. Contact me to find out how you can start making those changes, now!

My practice at Cardinal Point is called Fox Valley Hypnosis, LLC.


Give me a call today at (920) 784-8669 option 7


Nutritionist Appleton WI

Maggie Gehrke, BSW

Wellness Advocate & Lifestyle Management Specialist

I am a wife, married to my best friend, and a mother to 3 wonderful boys.  My family is my heart.  Our focus is to live a quality life by taking care of ourselves and most of all having fun and enjoying our time together.  When my middle son was 2 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and went through 4 years of chemotherapy.  While he won this battle, the effects of the chemotherapy have taken a toll on his body.  In addition, our family went through much psychological stress during this time.  Shortly after my son’s chemotherapy had ended, I began running regularly which helped me improve my physical and emotional wellness.  This chapter in my life, while traumatic, helped me understand the importance of taking control, taking care of yourself, and living life to the fullest.  We take nothing for granted.  

What I Have Done As A Wellness Advocate..

My entire career has been dedicated to serving others.  As a social worker by trade I have helped countless individuals reach their goals and obtain their full potential.  My desire as a lifestyle management coach and wellness advocate is to help you reach your goals  through the use of nutrition and cleansing.  I enjoy helping people who struggle with maintaining weight loss and helping people improve their mental health with weight management.  I enjoy helping people commit themselves to actively achieving a healthy lifestyle and a renewed sense of well being.  I have the passion and drive to learn more about nutrition and wellness as this is an ever changing field.

My desire is to help others achieve a holistic blend of physical and mental well being to assist them in choosing to live a quality life.  

For Those Interested, Here are My Credentials…

  • Bachelors of Social Work Degree, BSW
  • Lifestyle Management Coach
  • 15+ years of experience helping people achieve their goals as a Health Advocate
  • Specializations in Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Informed Treatment
  • Finisher of Green Bay Full Marathon, Multiple Half Marathons and the Tough Mudder

Things That I Enjoy…

I truly love my family!  I enjoy watching my kids play sports, and engage in anything they find interesting in their lives.  I love to run and you will find me often running races big and small.  I really like the ones that you get down and dirty in! 

My practice at Cardinal Point is called Maggie Ann’s Wellness Solutions, LLC.

Give me a call today at (920) 784-8669 option 8

Cardinal Point is a destination for holistic mental health and recovery care.Each professional who is here operates their own independent private practice