Astrology 101

The biggest questions I get are ‘what is astrology’ and ‘how can it help me’. I’m hopeful that I can answer those questions right now, so hold tight and enjoy the read.

“Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.” It’s a catchy phrase though easier said than done. To do that you’d have to answer the question…who are you? A frightening query for some, and a life long quest for others. But what if you didn’t have to wonder? What if it were laid out for you in black and white? Helping you to know yourself is a big part of what I do…my favorite part actually.

Perhaps you are skeptical, and maybe even confused about what an Astrologer does. We are either shrouded in mystery or written off as a hoax. In truth I’m a person, just like you, putting my shoes on one at a time…when my toddler isn’t wearing them on her head. Astrology is no greater mystery than any other science, and just because the mechanisms behind how it works are not fully understood doesn’t make it a hoax.

Put in its simplest terms, Astrology is a symbolic language of the psyche and I am an interpreter.

When you were born, at the moment you took your first breath, an energetic imprint was laid upon you that is every bit as unique as your fingerprints. This imprint lines up with where the planets were at that exact moment and we call this snapshot of the sky your natal chart. Each Planet, Sign, and House corresponds to a different archetypal energy within you and their placement is absolutely unique.

When you understand how unique you are and you accept it, comparing yourself to others or trying to live your life through someone else’s eyes becomes unacceptable. The energy you once put into pleasing others or keeping up with the Jones’ can be focused inward to embrace the things you like and work on the things you don’t.

A natal chart reading gives you a bird’s eye view of yourself. This view is objective and without judgment. It gives you a solid visual foundation to accept where you are in this moment. The finest road map in the world doesn’t amount to much if you don’t know where you are, right?

You are here.

A session with me can help you:

• Gain an objective, nonjudgmental view of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. It is a powerful and quick tool for self assessment.

• Give focus to your life and a conscious sense of purpose and control.

• Discover your authentic self.

• Create an attentive, calm mind.

• Recognize and take the steps necessary to fulfill your potential.

• Be comfortable and secure in who you are.

• Lift the fog of depression.

• Decrease stress and anxiety.

• Increase compassion for yourself and others.

• Find meaning in your struggles and plot a path to overcome them.

• Identify key energetic themes going on in your life right now so that you can begin to work with the flow and not against it.

• Illuminates career possibilities.

• Highlight what you are seeking in a relationship and what might be holding you back from finding happiness with a partner.

If you are like me, then seeing is believing. So come on into my office, or call/email me, and let me interpret your own unique natal chart. If, at the end of our session, you did not find it to be helpful, truthful, and insightful I will refund your money. But, when you see that it is uncannily accurate, after you pick your jaw up from the floor, that is where your empowerment begins.

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Transformational Astrologer