7 Tips To Practice Mindful Eating

Why eat Mindfully?  

Being mindful is having awareness without criticism or judgement.  Mindful Eating is when one is paying full attention to their experience when eating or drinking both inside and outside the body.  Outside, one is paying attention to smells, colors, flavors, temperatures, and sounds.  Inside, one is paying attention to where one feels hunger or satisfied.  It is also noticing when one gets distracted by a book, the TV, phone, or work.  It is noticing how it affects one’s mood or how one’s emotions influences their eating.  

What Are The Benefits To Mindful Eating?

There are many benefits to eating mindfully.  For example, it can help those who struggle with eating disorders.  Eating mindfully will assist one in becoming more in touch with their bodies cues when they are full or hungry.  When a person is more aware of when they are full they will be less likely to overeat.  It can also help a person manage their emotions better.  Some people will restrict their diet or overeat in response to emotions because eating or not eating can distract them from their issues.  If they can explore healthier coping skills they can avoid managing their emotions via their food choices.  Eating mindfully can also assist us in absorbing nutrients better by choosing foods that encourage slower consumption.  Before you begin…set a timer for 5 minutes, sit and close your eyes.  Just breathe.  You can practice this after you eat as well.  Begin to pay attention to what your body is telling you.  Now, let’s get started. 

7 Tips To Practice Mindful Eating

1. Chew your food thoroughly-digestion actually begins in the mouth with our saliva
2. Slow down-take the time to enjoy your food (the taste, smells, colors)
3. Never eat in front of a screen-if we are engaged in watching TV, checking emails, etc. we are not relaxed, our minds continue to run which leads to unconscious eating. The result is often overeating.

4. Drink a glass of warm water before your meal-this will do 2 things. It helps to activate digestive enzymes but also will help you feel full

5. Never eat in response to emotions-you don’t want to use food as a coping skill

6. Take time to show your gratitude-this can be a blessing or simply a silent moment to be thankful

7. Take a moment to pay attention to the vibrant colors, shapes, and energy of the food

Think about your next meal and how you can incorporate some of these tips.  What tip worked best for you and why?  

Basically eating mindfully can help you in so many ways!  We are so out of touch with what our bodies need that we find ourselves either shoveling food down because we are in a hurry or just not enjoying food for its nutrient value.  It’s time to change all of that, don’t you think?

If you struggle with mindful eating, or just struggle with food in general, I  would love partnering with you to achieve your goals.  My strategies are easy.  I don’t believe in making nutrition so difficult.  Together we can get the job done, learn some new things and have a bit of fun!  Are you ready?

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