Why Is My Energy So Sluggish?

Energy Healing

Are looking to gain more ENERGY for the New Year??

Who wouldn’t want to gain more energy for the New Year right?  But what type of energy are you looking for?  Is it to feel more alive, to get more things done, or is it to feel less depression, less anxiety, less brain fog, or the oh so common issue of fatigue?  ENERGY comes in different forms in the body and man if it’s not flowing correctly it can wreak havoc on your body from physical issues to those annoying emotional issues we deal with.  Why not get your energy flowing properly so you can feel better and achieve the goals you want to achieve this year and be a new you. 

What type of energy are we talking about?

The type of energy I explore is the human biofield and it’s connection with physical and emotional blocks.  What is this human biofield?  A human biofield is energy that flows through us that allows for our body to function.  This energy occurs in different ways to fuel the body ranging from outside sources, to energy that drives the body systems, to energy that impacts communication flow, to invaders of the body such as parasites, bacteria, fungus, viruses, to energy being stuck from negative emotions, to the body holding onto trauma, these are the broad range forms of energy that impact our bodies ability to work effectively.  When it is not flowing with ease, there are disruptions and blocks that occur leading to health issues such as inflammation, pain, lack of energy, and/or emotional issues such as anxiety, irritability, depression, mood swings, etc. 

How do I correct these energy blocks?

How do you correct where these energy blocks are in the human biofield?  An easy to do scan tells us how energy is flowing or not flowing so well in 150 areas in the body.  Literally it’s as easy as putting your hand on a mouse and holding it there for ~15 seconds.  Who can’t do that?  It’s simple.  From the scan, we identify the major areas of concern that your body is SCREAMING out to deal with first.  Our bodies do have priorities as to what needs to be supported first in order for health to occur.  This takes the guess work out of what symptoms to address first so if you got a number of things going on and don’t know where to start, don’t worry, it’s simple, your body will tell us what needs addressing first.  From the results, we develop a plan to address these areas which involves a simple protocol to start getting your health both physically and emotionally back on track.  It’s simple, so if you want something that will help address issues such as inflammation, pain, lack of energy, mood swings, anxiety, depression, etc. this is a program you should check out.

Tina WankeyStart your new year out right by addressing your physical and emotional struggles.  Start to address the energy blocks that are causing those aches and pains and/or that anxiety and depression.  It’s simple, just contact me and I can get you scheduled in for a scan. 

Tina Wankey