Spring Brings New Beginnings

SPRING is coming and its time to spring forward with being healthy.  Spring is about new beginnings and spring is also for clearing the body.  I’m talking specifically about clearing the body of pesty invaders and emotions that are stuck, but have you ever thought about how your going to do that?  Clearing the human body field of such things as those pesty invaders of parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and stuck emotions allows for the body to spring forward with a new cleansed and energy filled body.

Pesty Invaders Of Our Body Including Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses Drain Our Energy

Parasites, bacteria, virus, fungi and stuck emotions all impede on the ability of the body to function at an optimum level.  Energy is being stolen from the body when these issues are going on, which limits you from being able to spring forward and be full of energy.  Both the emotional aspect and those pesty invaders to the body are huge drains on the body and both are very common in most people.  Both suck vital energy away from you.  Are you going to let them steal this vital energy from you or do you want to gain back what they took from you?

Emotions Can Drain Your Energy


These pesty invaders and emotional drainers can be dealt with naturally and best of all, at the same time.  Addressing the human body field, the ultimate controller of the body, allows to reset the body’s energy.  Resetting the energy in the areas where the pesty invaders live and where the emotions are stuck will detox out these energy drainers.  Final result is more energy for you.

The key is to supply the body with what it needs to purge out the energy drainers and this key is frequencies.  Everything has a frequency for it to be alive.  Even objects have frequencies to hold them in the shape they hold.  Without frequencies, we wouldn’t exist.  When our frequencies are not vibrating correctly, it causes disruptions in the body as you see when emotions get stuck and/or when pesty invaders are present.  Helping the body to gain back the correct frequencies allows for the body to purge out the drainers, the negative emotions, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi.  The body can get these frequencies through using infoceuticals and miHealth treatment protocols found in the ReVive and ReCharge program.

Spring forward by clearing your body of those pesty invaders of viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi and those very draining stuck emotions.  Your body will thank you with more energy.  To find out what would be the best protocol to help your body, contact me to get free consultation set up.  CLICK HERE to schedule your FREE consultation.