Surprising Reasons Why You Feel So Bloated

Why do I have a bloated stomach

Surprising Reasons Why You Have a Bloated Stomach

“UGH, I feel so bloated,” “I look like I’m pregnant”,” I’m reacting to something, but I don’t know what,” I’m afraid to eat cuz I’m sick of BLOATING UP.”  “Why can’t I just eat and not react?”  UGH, UGH, and UGH.  Do you experience this type of feeling after eating certain foods or any type of food?  Does it make you feel cranky, irritated, frustrated, angry, depressed, or anxious?  I too have suffered from this and it SUCKS!! 


Stomach Bloat

The Answer To Your Stomach Bloat Is Right Here…

Thanks to some research, I came across what was at the root of my issue!!!!  I was ecstatic and disgusted, but not surprised.  I was struggling with food sensitivities, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and oh so wonderful parasites, ICK, ICK, and ICK!!  The parasite thing really grossed me out, but I was happy to have an answer and there is also a solution. HURRAY!!

The answer was in why the bloating was happening.  Bloating in response to foods means something isn’t right. It’s not the norm, even if it feels like it has been the norm for awhile.  Each person is different as to why the bloating is happening.  It could be a food sensitivity, bacterial overgrowth or even parasites.  Your body reacts by flaring up from inflammation in response to what is going on with your body.  There are ways to find out what’s at the root of your bloating.  There are ways to test for the issue and thank goodness, ways to treat it. 

Three Simple Ways To Help Reduce Stomach Bloating Today

  1. You can eliminate foods you think you might be sensitive to
  2. You can remove sugar from the diet. 
  3. To truly find out the real root issue with your bloating, schedule a free consultation. 


Stomach Bloat

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