Top 3 Ways Astrology Can Help You Survive 2017 Holidays


If the holidays bring trouble with family, friends or loved ones you might be interested in a new plan of holiday survival this year.  Here is your 2017 holiday survival guide which includes the top 3 ways astrology can help you.


1. Clearing The Air.

(Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius has its good points)

Mercury, planet of communication, is retrograde (going backwards from Earth’s viewpoint) until December 23rd. This energy can be helpful in resolving any past issues you may have had with a friend or family member. Hand in hand with this, of course, is the fact that past issues may crop up for discussion at all. Sagittarius, the sign Mercury is currently in, can have a dogmatic streak, so you may find yourself more likely to get sucked into a religious debate. However, with Mercury turning direct (heading forward) on the 23rd you just might find people changing their thinking on some things you never thought they would. So don’t be afraid to speak up, even if you think you’ve heard the tune before.

Old friends can also come back into your life this holiday. So don’t be surprised if a blast from the past shows up. Be open to seeing if they can fit back into your new life direction, but if not, don’t be afraid to let them stay in the past. Just because a pathway opens and is possible does not mean you have to walk it.


2. Saturn Is Going Home For The Holidays.

(Saturn in Capricorn December 20th, hard work brings success)

The planet of structure, reality, and time, shifts into the sign of Capricorn on the 20th where he will stay for the next 3 years. Be mindful of what you set as your new year’s resolution because Saturn will make sure you make good on your boast or pay the piper. This is highly supportive energy for buckling down and getting things done though, so he will help you to succeed so long as you are willing and able to do the work. This shift is offering up a mega dose of reality for all of us.  Saturn in Sagittarius the last three years had us taking a hard look at what we believe, now the focus is on building a reality that matches those beliefs. We can’t build something solid if we haven’t thoroughly scouted the land. Otherwise we might end up putting a whole lot of time and effort into a lovely house built on quicksand.


3. Knowing Yourself Is Most Of The Battle.

(Knowing your natal chart changes your world view)

Often times the stress and anxiety associated with the holidays comes from not wanting to be judged by others or compared to your perfect cousin Chloe who has two P.H.D’s and saves endangered bunny-kittens in Bolivia for a living. (Yet she still managed to make all 153 of your relatives a personalized, heart-felt gift. And what’s more…you like what she got you.)

Knowing your natal chart, and by extension, yourself, can open your eyes to how unique you are. You have your particular vibe and set of energies and Chloe has hers. Everyone has strengths and things they struggle with, no one is truly perfect…and that is ok. A strong sense of self can go a long way to helping you have the confidence to do your own thing and shine brightly with it without worrying what anyone thinks. You’d be surprised how quickly they might come around if you just don’t let them phase you. Easier said than done, but hey, you’ve got Saturn in Capricorn to help you stand your ground. 😊


I’m having a workshop all about Saturn in Capricorn and the 2018 year ahead. You’re welcome to sign up and/or come see me for a reading and we can go into all of this on a personal level for you. See my Phoenix Rose Facebook page for details. In the meanwhile, I hope this information is useful to you and wish you a very Merry Yule!  



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