Give Yourself The Gift Of Love By Improving Your Energy For Both Physical And Emotional Health

Love is in the air

LOVE is in the air for the month of February.  Many think about loving others when they think of love, but what about loving yourself?  Do you show yourself enough love?  Many times we show others love, but we fall short giving enough love to ourselves.  Maybe it’s time to focus on loving yourself more through the gift of energy.  NOW is the time to start taking care of yourself and showing yourself some love with the gift of that fuels life, ENERGY!

Energy needs to be optimal

Energy is what fuels our body, fuels the cells, fuels how we feel.  When we don’t have enough energy, our body can not work at an optimal level.  We then experience illness both physically and emotionally.  We experience such things as pain, inflammation, illnesses start to arise due to the body not functioning at is optimum.  Mood issues start to occur such as depression, anxiety, anger, irritability, etc.  Oh and we can’t forget about stress!!  Stress significantly depletes energy and we all experience stress daily.  Long term stress can lead to health issues and mood issues.  Now did you ever notice that when you are not feeling well physically that your mood can also be off kilter?  If you have more pain or a flare up with an illness, or more stress you may experience more depression, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, anger, irritability, etc.?  Mood and physical issues are connected to each other and our energy levels truly influence these areas.  Gaining back your energy, allows you to feel alive again.  It allows you to gain back control of your life again because you can finally have the energy to do what you want to do and not be fearful that a physical or mood issue may impede on the activity.  We are not in control when our health is directing what we can do so let’s get the energy back in your body and get you back in control of your body.

Correct the body with infoceuticals and miHealth treatments

Let’s give your body back the energy it needs!!  If you want to improve your mood and improve your physical health, then you need to focus on your energy levels and get them back to working at an optimal level.  We can do this by identifying what areas in the body the energy is not flowing at an optimal level and addressing those areas.  We obtain this information through a scan of the body, totally noninvasive, quick and simple.  The results help identify the areas which need to be addressed.  We address the areas of struggle with the use of infoceuticals and miHealth treatments.  Infoceuticals are NOT supplements, they are minerals infused with information to tell the body where the energy levels should be at.  The body then works to adjust the energy level.  Just like a supplement supplies information for the body to use, infoceuticals work in a similar way.  MiHealth is a medical device which can give you a jump start to improve your energy.  MiHealth produces energy information like the infoceuticals but instead of drinking drops, the treatment occurs from the outside through the miHealth device.  The miHealth treatments are done in office during your visit, while the infoceuticals help with long term improvement of energy levels.  This approach gives you two ways to boost your energy and get you started on a path of replenishing your energy levels.

If you want to improve your energy levels and give your body some love, contact me to set up a free consultation to learn more.  If you are ready to go and want to get started then we can set up your assessment and get rolling on your path to improving your energy and giving yourself some much needed love. 

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