Hypnosis Test Group Offered for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter Blues Got You Down?

Do you get the blues when winter comes? As the days get shorter, and colder, thousands of local people will be dreading the affect the darker nights will have on their mood and overall well-being. This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.

Hypnosis for Depression

Noted symptoms of SAD may include:

  • Having low energy
  • Feeling Down and Depressed
  • Hypersomnia
  • Overeating
  • Weight gain
  • Craving carbohydrates
  • Social withdrawal

A less frequently occurring version of seasonal affective disorder occurs in summer. Symptoms for this include:

  • Poor appetite, possible weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Violent behavior

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What’s The Big Deal About Winter Depression?

How big of a deal is SAD? According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, around 4 to 6 percent of people may have winter depression. Another 10 to 20 percent may have mild SAD. This can be especially troublesome in northern areas where there is is colder and we get less exposure to sunlight.

If you suffer from S.A.D., reduced exposure to sunlight results in your feeling depressed and lethargic. In extreme cases it can severely affect everything from your work performance to your relationships with others. People who suffer with SAD are thought to produce too much of the sleep hormone melatonin when the days become shorter, resulting in them wanting to sleep all the time. Insufficient exposure to sunlight also results in their bodies not producing enough of the feel-good hormone serotonin, and thus their tiredness is often coupled with feelings of depression.


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Hypnosis Can Help You Feel Better!

The good news is, hypnosis can make a difference! Hypnosis can also be a very effective and all-natural alternative to medications, light boxes, or just dealing with it until spring. By providing sufferers with techniques for focusing on more positive aspects of the autumn and winter season, and introducing affirmative actions like meditation and self-hypnosis into their daily routines. Hypnosis can help you combat the feelings associated with SAD, to help you feel better and to reinforce positive behaviors that will help you break free of SAD in a natural way.

Hypnosis Test Group Offered

As a response to the onset of shorter days, and colder weather finally arriving, I am setting up a test group to understand the root causes of this alarming trend, and work out treatments to help them overcome their issues. I am looking for up to six people who believe they may be affected by SAD, to provide tools to help offset the effects of this seasonal disorder.

At the sessions, I will be logging the experiences of the individuals within the group and giving them the opportunity to test tailored, hypnotherapy-based coping methods. These will be aimed at helping them to identify and focus on the positive aspects of their lives during the darker seasons, and even access powerful positive resource states, in order to overcome their feelings of loss, and in short to feel better.

I have decided to set up this pilot group to get a bunch of people together to get a better understanding of what might be causing that – for example, are particular trends in the weather affecting how bad they feel; are people working longer hours and the pressure of that is making their mood even worse, or are there some other factors at play?

I also want to help the group members to improve how they feel, and at the same time, with their help, hone some of my techniques for battling SAD, so that I can help even more people in the future.

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